Makeup sale! Addiction, THREE, Dior, Shu, Shiseido, R&R, L'artisan, OPI
Hi, thanks for checking out my blogsale.  I'm Caramellane on makeupalley, and have 100% positive tokens.  If interested in purchasing from the sale, please follow  the instructions below.  Here is the format I prefer:

Please contact me only through makeupalley, my username is Caramellane.    In Subject line please write BLOGSALE and the item/items you are interested in.

Message needs to include the following:

1.  Items you are interested in
2.  Paypal address
3.  Please include your name, shipping address and any special instructions.

Prices are firm, although anyone buying multiple items  I will consider a discount.  Minimum purchase is $15.  Shipping includes  tracking and is $2.00 plus .50 for each additional item.  Orders over $100 include free priority shipping.  Thanks, happy shopping!


Nars Foreplay. New without box. Back is a little sticky from removing sticker  $20

photo (13)
Addiction Tokyo Jazz palette used 2x $30

photo (23)
THREE Love Evolution  used appoximately 5x   $15

Pout Pearly queen gently used $20

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Is the perfume still for sale??

They are all still available. Which perfume are you interested in?

Yes, they are still available. Price is $40.50 shipped for paypal gift option.

Would that be the lowest you can do?

Yes, sorry. Packaging materials and shipping costs are much higher for fragrances, so I can't really lower the price.

I don't use makeupalley, but if lmdb naked and jojo are still available,
I'd like to purchase!
My paypal is:
Thank you!

Guerlain Liu palette.

Dior Aurora quint. used approx 5x $26



I'm interested in both Suqqu and Three palettes. Do you still have them for sale?


Blog Sale- Nars Mata Hari, Nars Dolce Vita lipstick, Nars priscilla lip gloss mini

Hi there,

I was wondering if the NARS blush, lipstick, and lipgloss are still available.
I tried contacting you via Makeup Alley but as I am a new user messaging has not yet been enabled.

Thank you kindly,


Re: Blog Sale- Nars Mata Hari, Nars Dolce Vita lipstick, Nars priscilla lip gloss mini

Hi KJ :)

The lipstick is sold, mata hari blush and the mini gloss are still available. Please let me know if you're interested and I can invoice and send out Monday.

Hi, do you still have the Suqqu Skincare? Has it been used? Also is the RBR Gracilis still available?

Hi, Do you have the Chanel Reve quad, the RBR Gracile blush or the Three Moon eyeliner still?

Hi there, the Chanel reve quad and THREE eyeliner are both available. I'm sorry, the gracilis blush has been sold

(Deleted comment)
just sent invoice. thanks :)

Hey! I sent you an email about a few more items. I can pay as soon as I get an adjusted total (if those items are still available). Thanks!!

hey, sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I'll send a new invoice now

Is it possible to do $22 shipped for the J'adore edp, Miss Dior Cherie edt, miss Dior Cherie L'eau edt, Hypnotic Poison eau sensuelle edt?


I don't have the the J'adore edp. But dior addict 2, miss dior cherie, miss dior L'eau and hypnotic poison eau sensuelle are still available and I can ship those for $22

Awww. I really wanted that J'adore edp. :(

In that case, can you $17 shipped for the Miss Dior Cherie, Miss Dior L'eau and Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle?

aww, I'm sorry about the J'adore. But I can send out the other frangrances for $17shipped and will include some other manfacturers samples as well

Fantastic! You can invoice me via PayPal at Thanks.

Shu Uemura Pink Princess

Please send invoice to

THREE Child of the Moon Sharpened 1x $25

Hi !
Do you still have LMDB Antique Poupee, and OPI Royal Rajah, plmk!

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